How To Get Your Wife Back And Stop The Divorce

Published: 10th March 2009
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If you were the one who wanted the separation, but now you want to know how to get your wife back for good, you are much better off than most other couples trying to rekindle their marriage.

To fix the damage you have done, you will need to put your pride aside and apologize to her. Let her know that were rash and are now regretting your decision to separate. Explain to her that you never actually wanted to separate or divorce, but you reacted out of anger, and that it was wrong of you.

This may be difficult for you to do, but it is a vital step to get back your wife. Because you were silly enough to mention divorce, she may start to picture her life without you in it. And it may actually look quite good to her. But if you want to win back your wife, you need to ask her what she thinks about divorce, and assure her that you were wrong to think such a thing.

Before you give her too much time and a good reason to follow through with the divorce, you still have a chance to rekindle the relationship by telling her you were completely wrong.

If you never really wanted the divorce, but were using as a way to spite her, then my friend, you have a lot of making up to do if you want to get your wife back. Maybe you have already told her a million times that the marriage is not over and that divorce is a bad idea. But it is not what you say to her, but how you go doing it.

When apologizing to your lover, try stay cool, calm and collected. I know this may be hard to do - I mean divorce is a painful and emotional time for both of you, so it is not always easy to keep calm. But, it is one thing shout or go crazy, and another to just cry as you try to mend the marriage.

If you lose your temper and start shouting at and accusing her, you are giving her a great reason to continue with the divorce. If you are serious about learning how to get your wife back for good, you need to accept and forgive her for the things that she did that brought on your idea of divorce.

You should definitely work out all the problems in the relationship if you want to get back your wife for good. Both of you will have to accept that the relationship will never be what it was before the separation, and that it needs to change for the better to carry on into the future.

Marital counseling, is great if you need a mediator. And when you are ready to learn how to get your wife back for good, you need to face up to the fact that you never treated her with the respect she deserved, and that you are willing to right your wrongs.

Nikkie Frost is a relationship counselor, specializing in couples therapy and dating advice. If you have gone through a separation or divorce and want to get back your wife and keep her, then she highly recommends you have a look at the Magic Of Making Up, a guide that has successfully rekindled over 6784 relationships.

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